How Managers Deal With The Colleague That Annoys EVERYBODY

November 10, 2017

Even as managers, we don’t always get to decide who we work with.

While some of our employees or colleagues can be stellar teammates and a pleasure to work with, that is not always the case.

There is typically at least one person that can be too talkative, a complainer or simply annoying, destroying the morale of the rest of the team.

How can managers deal with the colleague that annoys everybody?

In the following ways:

Keep Them Busy

One of the biggest reasons that employees can annoy others is that they have too much time on their hands.

If your colleague is constantly talking about their family members, describing nonstop stories about their kids, or keeps boasting about their skills, that means they don’t have enough to do.

When people are busy, they don’t have the time to talk to and annoy others, so the easiest fix to that type of coworker is to assign them more tasks.

The busier they are, the less opportunity they will have to annoy their colleagues.

Teach Others How To Deal With The Annoying Colleague

In addition to keeping the annoying colleague busy, it is helpful to teach your other employees how to deal with that person.

For example, if the individual is a chatterbox, stopping by other people’s cubicles or offices to talk, the colleagues could simply say they are busy working on important projects and can’t talk at the moment.

If the individual will hear that enough times, they will eventually stop coming by and get the hint.

If the person is a gossiper, which annoys others, they can choose not to partake in the gossip and switch the subject.

If they are a complainer, always focusing on the negative, instead of commiserating, the co-workers can point out the positives of the job, showing that they don’t agree with the negative point of view.

There are always ways to deal with annoying colleagues, as the manager, you just need to provide your team members with the strategies on doing so in a way that doesn’t offend anyone.

Be Direct

There are times when any person can be unintentionally annoying to others, but if there is a clear culprit that is making office life for everyone else very difficult, the manager may need to step in and address the situation.

Sometimes the person that is being annoying doesn’t understand their effect on people, and being told that their behaviour is not tolerated well by others just once may be enough to curb that behaviour for life.

Try to be gentle, yet direct, when talking to the person about their annoying habits, and suggest ways they can be more pleasant in the office.

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