Are You Retaining All Of Your Top Clients?

February 24, 2015

Capturing people with marketingOne of our duties as managers is often not only to make sure that our team works efficiently, but also to handle relationships with our clients.

Sales managers need to attract new business to the company, and maintain good rapport with customers to make sure they are happy with the firm.

However, sometimes,  through no fault of our own, clients decide to cut cords with organisations and move their business elsewhere. This can be devastating news to managers, as the clients can take significant assets with them, making the company lose money by their departure.

However, just because your customer decided to leave your company, doesn’t mean you cannot get him or her back.

Utilise these tips to try to preserve your client relationship.

Face-to-Face Meeting – Often, sales managers are so boggled down with their responsibilities, that they do not have time to interact with each and every client. While some of the customers can definitely make sure their voices are heard, reaching out to discuss possible issues, others may not be so vocal, and can simply choose to end the business relationship. However, all it can take to get the client and their business back is to devote some face-to-face time to that person. Showing that you care, and really listening to them and their problems, may be enough for the clients to reconsider leaving, and bring the business back to you.

Discounts – For many clients, money is the bottom line; which means that the majority of the time when customers stop using your services, it is because of money. If you believe this may be the cause of the recent departure of one of your clients, first have a conversation with your immediate boss or the owner of the company. Make sure to get approval to offer discounted rates to your customer before going directly to him or her. If your boss approves the lower rates, offer them to your client, and see if that will be enough to patch up the business relationship.

Additional Services – If you cannot offer cheaper prices, sit down and figure out what you can put on the table instead. Another great strategy is to propose additional services that you have not provided before. Take a look at the client’s business needs and try to figure out new and innovative ways that you can propose for the company. If you can dazzle the client with your great idea, chances are he or she may reconsider the parting of ways and come back to you.

Although you may not want to fight to get every client that chooses to leave back, you should figure out which customers were loyal and an asset to your firm. Loyal customers are ones that you should fight to bring back to your organisation because these individuals have a proven track record of successful business with your company.

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