4 Great Ice Breakers To Use With Your Team

October 20, 2014

sIndividuals often work beside their colleagues day after day without ever getting to know them. Countless research has shown that the most successful companies are those in which employees get to know one another on a personal level, and become friends.

Although this is easier to do in smaller organisations rather than large ones, the first step to getting employees comfortable with each other and acquainted is with ice breakers. Ice breakers are fun activities in which employees relax, and find out information about each other through silly games.

Common Ground – The best way to get individuals to get comfortable with each other, is to let them find something in common. Therefore, a great ice breaker is to divide team members into groups, and have them compile a list of 15 things they have in common.

Make sure to instruct your staff that nothing on the list can be about work. For example, they may all have two kids, or may all like eating pizza. Whatever the items on the list are, the people will have a fun time figuring out what they all share.

Two Truths and a Lie – This is a very common ice breaker that is used in many corporate events. If you have a small team, up to 15-20 people, do this activity together. If you have more members, divide them up into teams. Have each person say two things that are true, and one that is a lie. Co-workers will have a fun time trying to figure out what the truth is.

Who Am I – This is a fun activity for groups of any size. Take name badges and write the names of famous individuals, such as politicians or celebrities on them. When each person enters the room, tape the name badge to their back. Then, each person must walk around the room and ask others yes or no questions about their person. The questions can be: “Am I a man or a woman?” “Am I alive or dead?” “Have I been in a successful film in the last five years?”

String Game – Purchase a large yarn of string, and cut pieces of different sizes. Create a clump of string, and ask each individual to pick out a piece. Have that person speak about him or herself while winding the piece of string around their pinky finger. Since the pieces or string are different sizes, some individuals will only have a few seconds to speak, while others a much longer time.

Ice breakers are a fun way to allow employees to relax and have fun together. This will most likely create new relationships as co-workers get to know each other outside of the work environment.

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Gavin Muge

Senior Trainer & Consultant

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