Communication Skills Training

Course Overview

This course will give you the confidence, skills and knowledge to achieve maximum benefit and impact from communications at all levels and for a multitude of purposes. The skills shared will enable you to build robust and long lasting relationships and to improve your influencing skills. The course is goals and objectives related so the skills you learn will have a positive effect on bottom line results.

Having attended the course you will know the difference between positional and personal power, you’ll be given specific skills in how to influence others by building trust and commitment rather than having to rely on your position of authority. The course aligns closely to the concept of situational leadership and results in giving you hugely advanced skills in building relationships to help you achieve your goals.

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Anyone needing to communicate with positive impact resulting in the building of relationships and gaining commitment from individuals and groups
  • Anyone needing to influence, persuade, negotiate, impress individuals or groups to take action or change behaviours
  • Supervisors, Managers, Leaders who need to matrix manage others
  • Leaders needing to lift people and take them on a journey. Leaders needing to convince people that a course of action is the right one
  • Team leaders who need to get their point across in a convincing and credible way resulting in changes of procedures, processes, systems or behaviours
  • Anyone who feels they are always on the receiving end of being influenced and who would like to turn this on its head!

What Will You Gain From The Course?

  • Confidence to communicate and influence
  • Learn positive language skills to influence, persuade, convince and command when necessary
  • Learn the realities of body language and other non-verbal communication skills
  • Understand the motivation of others
  • Learn how to know the audience and change communication styles and approaches to ensure maximum benefit from the communication
  • Learn how to influence and convince at meetings and presentations
  • Handling and reducing conflict by using excellent communications skills
  • Learn how to build rapport and empathy and stay in rapport with ease
  • Learn how to build communications networks in and out of the workplace

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