3 Ways To Liven Up Your Office

November 6, 2014

Office christmas party backgroundThe workplace is where most of us spend the majority of our day. Although the office is a serious place where individuals need to focus and do their job, there is ample evidence that livening up the place will benefit both employees and management.

Read the advice below to see how to liven up your office.

1. Entertainment – A great tactic to make the workplace more fun is to offer different forms of entertainment. Consider setting up a game room with a pool or foosball table, racquetball or video games. If you have the funds, you may choose to install a bowling lane or a basketball court. Web hosting company PEER1 went so far as to install a golf course on their property.

Setting up these game stations will allow staff to take time to break up the working day, interact with colleagues, relax and have some fun.

Game rooms will not work for all organisations, especially ones where employees cannot leave their posts. However, some offices, like advertising agencies or public relations firms, where individuals need to be creative, can very much benefit from this. Obviously, a level of trust needs to be developed between management and underlings before this occurs as everyone needs to understand that these diversions cannot interfere with work time.

2. Perks – Many supervisors believe that they cannot provide perks to employees, but they do not always have to cost a lot. While there are monetary perks that some firms, especially smaller one,s probably cannot afford, there are others that are fun and inexpensive. For example, why not invite a masseuse over to the office to give staff massages?

Surely exhausted and overworked individuals would enjoy this special treat. Small Business Heroes wrote that bcs Agency, a company in Nottingham, came up with a brilliant plan of offering staff free drinks from a drink cart every single Friday. What a way to start off the weekend!

Offering fun perks to employees will make them excited to come to the office, and eager to work hard to keep their posts. Furthermore, it will show your underlings that management cares about them enough to spend extra money for their diversion and relaxation, which is not something most companies commit to.

3. Office Decoration – Most workspaces are sterile and boring. Aside from the typical staples such as cubicles, computers and conference tables, there are usually sparse decorations that can be seen. However, giving employees the freedom to decorate their office space has its benefits. Unless you have an office which is frequented by customers or clients, why not allow your staff the freedom to decorate their workspaces? Posting photos of family members and friends, decorating for holidays, or simply putting up posters or paintings will make your underlings feel more comfortable in their professional settings.

Research has shown time and time again that happy employees are more loyal and productive. Utilise the suggestions above to liven up the workspace for your employees.

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