There are a multitude of strategies that companies can utilise to promote employee loyalty, empowerment and growth in an organisation. One of the most effective ones is a mentorship programme that allows experienced employees to provide helpful advice and tips to those that are just starting out in their...
A manager must wear many different hats in the office, a friend hat, a leader hat, a coach hat and a dictator hat. The truth is that there are times when a manager can benefit the team and overall company by coaching and educating employees to be better selves; on the other hand, there are […]
5 Myths About Mentoring
January 24, 2013
If you are considering looking for or becoming a mentor and you have some doubts, read on to put your mind at rest.  These are some of the more common myths about mentoring. 1. Mentoring Has To Be A Formal Long-Term Relationship Whilst some mentoring programmes are formally set up by forward-thinking or...