Communication Skills, Politics In The Workplace

Communication Skills
Individuals often work beside their colleagues day after day without ever getting to know them. Countless research has shown that the most successful companies are those in which employees get to know one another on a personal level, and become friends. Although this is easier to do in smaller organisati...
Communication Skills
Sceptics are often seen as bright individuals ready to critically analyse any argument brought before them and using their skills at detecting patterns of behaviours to spy anyone attempting to deceive them. While a small amount of scepticism can help to save an individual from falling head first into ev...
Communication Skills
Communicate to Win
July 24, 2014
Communication is the glue that holds organisations together. There may be very few, if not any, jobs where the incumbent is not required to communicate with others and can work by himself or herself in a silo. Good communication skills are required to spread ideas, get buy-in and also win over people to ...