Assertiveness Training


Course Overview

Being assertive is one of the most important skills that you can have. In your everyday communications at work you need to be assertive when delegating, chairing, negotiating, motivating, selling, leading, disagreeing – you name it!

This course concentrates on building up your assertiveness skills so no matter what position you hold you can communicate on an even footing and get your point across in a firm, concise and empowering manner.

Who Will Benefit From The Course?

  • Anyone who has human interaction at work!

What Will You Gain From The Course?

  • Understand the difference between confidence, assertiveness and aggression
  • Learn how to become confident in your own abilities and what you say
  • Communication skills – questioning, listening, tonality, inflection
  • Learn how to read and use body language to your advantage
  • Learn the 3 step model for being assertive when communicating
  • Learn how to react to and turn around aggressive people
  • Learn how to say NO to additional work
  • Learn how to negotiate WIN WIN solutions
  • Learn how to compromise on key issues
  • Learn how to ask for what you want without feeling uncomfortable
  • Learn how to be assertive with your boss and your bosses boss!

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