If you are then you want to select a credible and trustworthy training provider with a proven track record of delivering the results that you desire.

By partnering with MTD you get the best of both worlds.

A Proven Track Record…
MTD have provided management training solutions to over 100,000 managers worldwide ranging from 1 to 2 day programmes through to long term management development programmes delivered over a 12 to 24 month period.

Our clients include the likes of XEROX, Friends Provident, Starbucks, Taylor Wimpey and Honda gaining average scores of 9.2 out of 10 across 8 different criteria from our last 5,000 feedback forms!

Having the peace of mind that you’ve made the correct choice is an important factor when selecting a training provider.

MTD are committed to excellence and quality in all that we do and regularly have audits from the industry leading training institutes.

To that end we are an:
> ILM Centre
> Institute Of Sales & Marketing Management Centre (ISMM)
> Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Management Training Courses

Management Training Courses

We run several different types of management courses throughout the UK.

If you’re looking to book yourself or a colleague onto one of our open courses then please click here for our latest open schedule and for current availability.

Our Courses
Our 2-day Essential Management Skills course is ideal for managers who are new to the role or for those that have had no formal training. The course also comes with an optional accreditation granted by The Chartered Management Institute. The course delivers all of the essentials of management including coaching, leadership v management, time management, managing performance, people skills and team building.

We also offer a 1-day Advanced Management Skills course which is the follow-on course to the Essential Management Skills course. This workshop covers advanced communication skills, emotional intelligence, how to manage your own boss and other topics that will take your game to the next level.

All of our open courses are fun, practical and come with unlimited amounts of email and telephone support so that you or your managers can contact us at any time for any help or guidance that you need.

In-House Management Training

  In-House Management Training

We can design and deliver an in-house management training course or programme that is based around your exact requirements.

Our trainers will discuss your specific needs with you, the challenges that your managers face and the skills that they need to take your organisation forward. They will then create a programme that will be unique to you and the outcomes that you desire.

All of the content will be bespoke around what you do as a business, the case studies will be real to life and we will select one of our trainers who has the best fit for your culture, ways of working and who has the experience of your particular industry.

Free Email Management Course

Free Email Management Course

Our 5 part email management course is a self-study programme that you work through at your own pace.

Delivered through email a couple of days apart, this unique programme will get you to take a close look at how you are currently managing your staff and what you can do to improve.

This course takes a look at some areas that are not normally associated with management training courses.

The topics include:
Part 1 – How To Make Things Happen In The Workplace
Part 2 – The TOP Managers Have Great Communication Skills
Part 3– Understanding Others, Motivating & Being Positive
Part 4 – Personal Improvement, Understanding Yourself & Your Self-Image
Part 5 – Seeking Good Counsel & Giving Yourself The Best Chance Of Success


The programme has been informative, interactive and fun – and has more than met our high standards of expectation.
The training was excellent. It was very practical and completely hit the mark in terms of the content. The exercises and the case studies were very real and we could all apply the learning to the situations that we face.
MTD provided all of our training for Sales Managers. The feedback was fantastic and we are starting to see the benefits manifest themselves out in the business units.
Delivers. That is the one word that sums up MTD. On time,beyond expectations, at short notice and without fail.
MTD were there for us from day one. They listened to what we wanted, made sure that it was what we needed and delivered to a very high standard.
An excellent, well thought through approach to creating a modern and relevant development programme. MTD are inspirational and approachable with years of experience.  They have been able to adapt the style and approach to meet the needs an ability of our company to get the results we wanted.
We strongly recommend MTD as a training and coaching provider. For their professionalism and for the successful results we’ve achieved.
Overall, MTD offered excellent customer service and nothing was ever too much trouble for them. I have enjoyed working with MTD and would definitely recommend them to others as a training partner without hesitation.
The training was brilliant and we really appreciated the time and dedication shown by your company in organising and setting everything up on our behalf for the programme. Nothing was too much trouble.

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